Do you need a one-off workshop to support your team to work better together?
Is there a specific area where your team needs some additional training or support?
Do you need a high-energy workshop for your company conference or team building day?


We have a range of half-day and full-day workshops that we can deliver as a one-off training or facilitated session. Whether you have a small team of ten—or you need a conference training for a room of 200—we can customise a session to meet the needs of your team.


Some of our most popular team sessions are listed below. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, we still might be able to help. If it’s team or leadership related, chances are it’s in our kete. Email to find out.

Developing a Team Charter
In order to be the best possible team, what values do you agree to work and live by? What do these values look like in action and how will you hold each other accountable if these values don’t show up? Create a team charter that clearly describes ‘the way we do things around here’.

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Discover Your Strengths
Using the Clifton Strengths Assessment, we help you to better understand yourself and your team members. What value does each person bring to the team and why do they think and act the way they do? Where might your strengths be tripping you up and how can you support each other in a positive way?

Effective Communication
Effective communication is a huge topic, which is why we have a range of sessions all with a communication focus. Some of our most popular communication workshops include Understanding Communication Styles, Assertive Communication, Having Difficult Conversations, Managing Conflict and Setting Clear Expectations. We can mix and match topics to meet your needs and the time available.

Problem Solving and Decision Making
Great teams use their collective power to solve problems and make decisions together. Explore a range of tools for encouraging innovation and making sound, well-rounded decisions. We can facilitate a session to help you address a current challenge, or we can train you to facilitate the session on your own.

For more information email or phone 021 439 499.


“Thank you for your brilliant and skilled facilitation with Team Momenta. The documents you sent through as follow up are gold. We’ll take this convo into the next board meeting to make sure we’re all on the same page with expectations.”
Vanessa Davey, Board Chair, Momenta Charitable Trust

“Thank you for all you shared with us at the retreat! It was so valuable in that I feel like I leave with tools I can actually use and not just put in a top draw with no understanding of how to use them.”
Mandy Creamer, Children’s Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church

"With Kerri you always get more than you signed up for. What you're taught is one thing, but the inspiration you catch is another thing altogether."
Campbell Hill, Community Impact Manager, Good Neighbour Charitable Trust