Is clear communication important for doing your job well?
Would you like to make sure you are communicating effectively across your whole team?

Do you want to learn simple tools and frameworks for making tough conversations easier?

Join us for a one-day workshop: Communicate Well!

Good communication is critical to the success of any team, yet so many people fail to do it well. This workshop provides you with simple tools and frameworks to help you communicate effectively and perform well in your role.

In this workshop you will discover:

What clear communication really sounds like.
Learn the critical piece to clear communication and discover a simple framework that creates clear expectations for the people around you. How do you make sure there is no miscommunication, and everyone is working from the same page?

How to identify what communication style to use—and when.
Discover your natural communication style and get a better understanding of the communication styles around you. Learn how to adapt your communication style so that it lands well where it needs to.

How to make difficult conversations, easier.
Discover a new way of looking at difficult conversations and learn a simple process for having these conversations well. Learn how to re-frame challenging feedback so that it is heard and actioned.

Communicate Well! gives participants practical tools and frameworks for communicating effectively with the people they work with. More than just interesting, this workshop provides useful ideas and techniques that can be easily implemented by all involved.

Come on your own or learn together as a team. Good communication starts with you.

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COST: $195 +GST per person
(Non-profit organisations receive a 50% discount)


Email or phone 021 439 499.


"I loved learning about my team and why they operate or think the way they do. It was so enjoyable to see my team in a different light. Thank you Kylie. You're awesome!"
Kelela Pepa, Rotorua Pacific Island Development Charitable Trust

"Interesting, helpful, informative. Really enjoyed it. I would love to attend others in the future."
Kate Harnett, Foot Mechanics

"Thank you Kylie. Your respect and care for each individual to be included was honorable. Your facilitating skills are amazing."
Alice Salles, Elim Coromandel